Are you into Plywood and considering to sell your business?

On behalf of one of our clients, an investor that wants to build a global position on Plywood trade and processing, we are looking for potential parties that want to sell (partially or 100% of) their plywood business.

Do you have a business, related to plywood, either in trade or further down the supply chain in the processing of plywood? Are you a distributor in plywood or is plywood part of your portfolio, we would very much appreciate a conversation with you to discuss your future plans and options. For a number of years now, in this market, production capacity is consolidating and supply chains are shortening, with a clear effect on your business. Clients are becoming more demanding and are more critical on their working capital. Nevertheless opportunities are there for players that have made clear decisions and exploiting chances in the market. What does it mean for your business? What impact will it have?

In case you are considering to sell your timber business or are looking for a partner for your company, we are the party to speak to.

As a specialist investment advisor in forestry, timber and paper related products, we are currently exploring opportunities in the global plywood market, on behalf of investor clients. The aim of our client(s) is to build a global position in the plywood supply chain, whether that is production, trade, distribution, sales or processing of plywood. The preferred geographical region to initially to grow the (already existing) business in Europe. Other continents could be of interest as well.

Neither your role in the supply chain, nor the size of your company is of importance for our clients. We are open for an anonymous discussion on options for the future. If needed we can agree on a non disclosure agreement in order to assure your privacy. In case you would just like to explore options for your company, without having made any decision yet, we are happy to share our experiences, knowledge and known options about the global plywood markets with you.

In case you would like to understand the options we can provide in capital raising or capital restructuring, please feel free to add that to the agenda.

Are you interested in exploring options? We’d be happy to connect with you, no strings attached. Please reach out to our Partner in Forestry & Timber:

Harry Bruintjes on +31 (0)85 2006244 or

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